Featured Investments

With over 15 years of experience in real estate acquisitions in the US market, together with our dedication, strategy and Integrity, our company is successfully providing high returns with low-risk investments to our share holders & investors.

South Florida Portfolio

370 Single Units Portfolio
Broward County, Florida


Jacksonville Portfolio

500 Units Multifamily Portfolio
Jacksonville, Florida


Bergen Apartments

72 Unit Apartment Building
Jersey City, NJ


Irvine Apartments

155 Unit Apartment Building Development
Newark, NJ


SFR Portfolio 1

200 Single Family Residential Portfolio
South East Michigan


SFR Portfolio 2

250 Single Family Residential Portfolio
Pontiac, Michigan


The Shores

36 Acres of New Urban Living Development
Pontiac, Oakland County


SK INVESTMENTS GROUP was founded by Amnon Zakay and Yanir Hadan in the name
of Figtree Holdings LLC in 2009 as a US Real Estate Investments platform for targeting and seizing
the market opportunity following the subprime market collapse.